Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shifting Retirement Portfolio Strategies to Less Aggressive Holdings

Based in Carmel, Indiana, Alexander Joyce engages with ReJoyce Financial as president and CEO and provides dedicated retirement planning solutions that span all aspects of maintaining a properly diversified portfolio. Alexander Joyce and his team emphasize sensible approaches tailored to the distinct needs of retirees and those who are still planning to retire.

A key distinction emphasized by Mr. Joyce is that, for retirees, growth-focused portfolios are less attractive, as they involve elevated risks. At educational seminars he poses the fundamental question of how much of a hit would people be willing to take on their hard-earned nest egg, should the stock market plummet in the near future. 

One way of looking at this is not simply to ask how much money would be required to return to 100 percent of one's previous net worth, but how much time this will take. Time is one asset that many retirees are lacking, and a blow to assets can significantly impact enjoyment of life during the retirement years.

A proper strategy following retirement involves a transition to less aggressive holdings that are more predictable and reliable. This not only helps ensure adequate money for lifestyle needs, but secures long-term care and health care when it is most needed.

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